The Soccer Management Institute is one of the most prestigious soccer educational institute in the world. Our goal is to provide our students with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects that govern the soccer industry. Participants will acquire the basic knowledge necessary to become fully qualified professionals, regardless of the specific area of expertise chosen.

Our student-athletes have the possibility to learn from a top class faculty who share the passion of educating the next generation of soccer leaders. Our professors are some of the most prominent and distinguished soccer executives in the country, if not the world.

While obtaining a world recognized master’s degree, the student-athletes are able to showcase their soccer talent to sign a contract with Italian soccer clubs at pro and semi-pro level.


To educate the next generation of soccer leaders offering them a life-changing experience.


To Lead the Game through Education and Soccer by Empowering Individuals who share the same Passion for the Game.

Lead the Game is the mantra we live by that bring success into our lives. We do not want to be just a player in the industry, we want to be a top player, someone that can make the difference through knowledge, skills, and leadership. We want our students to be capable of Leading the Game today and tomorrow, and carry on those values both on and off the field.


The Soccer Management Institute is a program offered by College Life Italia. CLI represents the main bridge between Italy and the rest of the world in the sports and education industry. Our vast know-how in terms of education and athletic systems both in the US and in Italy, made us aware of one particular need. Collegiate student-athletes constantly face the limitations imposed by those associations that regulate college sports: limited years of eligibility, limited seasons, limited practice time, limited careers. We strongly believe that education and sports are two of the main aspects that contribute to a better self, better careers, and better society in general. That is why we think sports should not end after college. Everyone should have the opportunity to keep dreaming and to follow a passion that cannot just be put aside. Being able to do that while furthering your academic career can be extremely valuable.

We also know how important is for anyone to get out from his/her comfort zone. Being away from home, facing a new culture, a new language, dealing with a different lifestyle, and interacting with people from all over the world can be a life-changing experience.

The desire to provide a top education and a top athletic experience, while surrounded by a rich cultural vibe in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, are the main reasons why Soccer Management Institute was born in 2017.

Since then, SMI has been welcoming student-athletes from all over the world giving them the opportunity to further their education and athletic careers. Our objective stays the same: To Educate the Next Generation of Soccer Leaders offering them a Life-Changing Experience.

We have witnessed several successful stories featuring some of our students that were able to realize their dreams. Some of them started a job career within the sports industry, others were able to play professional soccer and begin a journey that seemed unachievable before their arrival in Italy. At SMI, we dedicate ourselves to create more successful stories by believing in our passions: education, sports, and cultural interaction.


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Stefano Radio


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Giorgio Antongirolami

Vice President of Academic Affairs

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Paolo Scoppola

Dean of Student Life

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Gianluca Bottoni

Director of Admission

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Antonio Cincotta

Director of Academics

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Marco Materazzi

Director of Coaching

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Cristiana Pedullà

Director of  Sports Legal Affairs

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Yovana Gonzalez

Director of Financial Aid

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Stefano Cristalli

Soccer Academy Director

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Giampaolo Flamini

Art Director

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Eva Rosenthal


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Vincenzo Persi

Community Outreach Manager


Francesco Castiglione


Marco Montini


Paolo Pugni