One of the best privileges for our student-athletes is the opportunity to access the training facilities of the Italian National Soccer Team. In fact, Soccer Management Institute occasionally organizes special trips to Coverciano where our students can be part of special lectures, tours, or on-field practices in this sacred soccer site.
Situated between the hills of Florence, the Coverciano Technical Centre is a gem renowned worldwide for the quality of its structure and the services offered.The Coverciano Technical Centre is still one of the most famous and prestigious sports center in the world. Appreciated especially by experts and fans, it’s even called “the University of Football” and “the home of the National Teams”

Top Clubs or National Teams are often guests of the Centre, because they can find forefront venues and a sense of security and quiet, perfect instruments to get the right concentration.

The Technical Center is the real home of the Italian national teams. There are 18 national teams, 16 of which made their training and preparation in Coverciano. Women’s team and youth sector teams often play friendly match in the Technical Center again other national teams. The Centre even host the tournaments for the selection and the development of young talent that might wear the blue jersey in the future. During the season, more than 400 athletes and staff members of the Italian national teams are guests of the Coverciano Technical Centre.


Field 1

Standard field, last generation (2016) synthetic turf and natural infill, with uncovered standing of about 300 seats.

Field 2

Standard natural grass field with 350 seats covered standing and artificial lights; under the grandstand there are 4 changing rooms for athletes, a dressing room for referees and a medical room.

Field 3

Main pitch, standard natural grass field, home of the National A trainings. Reserved changing room with Jacuzzi, sauna, massage and medical room.


Field 4

Standard natural grass field with a reserved changing room.


Field 5

Natural grass field, smaller than a regular one, used for the coaches’ school.

Futsal Pitch

Standard futsal pitch with synthetic turf.


Sports Hall

Multi functional gym for indoor sports, such as futsal, basket, volleyball etc. but also for ceremonies and conferences. It may have about 500 seats with a big space for coffee break area. Below the gym there’s 1 changing room, while 2 more changing rooms are nearby located.

National Teams Gym

Located between pitch 3 and 4, was built in 2014 and it’s provided with the best gym equipment.