With our program we want to provide our students with the opportunity to continue their soccer careers. We fully understand the need for student-athletes to keep working on their education and job careers, but we also know how important soccer is for them. That is why we offer a program where student-athletes can get a top education and still try to make it to the highest possible level of soccer.

SMI owns its private professional soccer academy where student-athletes start their Italian soccer experience. The academy is meant to provide participants with a professional environment where every individual can improve his/her game under the guidance of our fully qualified professional coaching staff. Regular training sessions along with exhibition games and tryouts are part of the program in order to ensure maximal exposure to Italian clubs. In fact, the ultimate objective of the academy is to help our student-athletes sign with teams so they can compete in regular games and championships. Our network covers the entire Italian peninsula allowing us to always find the best possible fit for each student-athlete. However, until completion of the master’s program, we tend to keep our students within the Rome’s area so they can still attend classes. The vast number of teams located in the area guarantees signing opportunities for everyone.

Once the student-athlete signs with a team, he/she will start practicing and playing official games with the club. Depending on the league’s division, the training schedule includes three to five practice sessions a week plus a weekly game (usually happening on the weekend). During this time, the SMI professional academy remains open for all of our student-athletes looking to put some extra sessions down. The academy is a resource for participants from the very first to the very last day of the program.

The SMI soccer academy allows our student-athletes to showcase their talent whilst in Italy and learn new aspects of the game. Italian soccer is known for its tactical and technical excellence, two fundamental areas to become a better player. Through our program, participants have an entire season to improve as a player and express their talent to make it to the highest level.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity to live an authentic and professional experience by learning from some of the best coaches of the Italian soccer school. All this while surrounded by a spectacular scenery.


We are proud to have access to one of the most spectacular and traditional training facilities in Rome. “Trastevere Stadium” is home of “Trastevere Calcio”, one of the top semi-professional teams in Italy. Our mission to provide the best professional experience to our student-athletes has led us to secure the access to such an incredible training field. The SMI professional academy hosts training sessions in the morning and exhibition games according to the field’s availability.

“Trastevere Stadium” is located in the “Monteverde Vecchio” neighborhood, within the ancient and historic walls of “Villa Pamphilj”, theater of the famous battle of Gianicolo in 1849. After the “Stadio Olimpico” home of the professional teams “AS Roma” and “SS Lazio”, the “Trastevere Stadium” is considered the most important training ground in Rome.


Soccer is by far the most played and most competitive sport among the Italian population. That is why the level of competition is extremely high. However, our soccer system offers to everyone the opportunity to play thanks to a large variety of teams competing at different levels/leagues.

SMI student-athletes have signed for professional, semi-professional, and amateur teams in the past. Depending on their soccer level, we work to find the best possible fit so they can compete and have a positive impact on the team and league.

Men’s and Women’s soccer are structured slightly differently given the overall higher number of men’s soccer players. The following is the movements’ breakdown:

Men’s soccer

Serie A – First Professional Division

Serie B – Second Professional Division

Serie C – Third Professional Division

Serie D – First Semi-Professional Division

Eccellenza – First Regional League

Promozione – Second Regional League

Prima Categoria – First Amateur League

Seconda Categoria – Second Amateur League

Terza Categoria – Third Amateur League

Women’s Soccer

Serie A – First Professional Division

Serie B – Second Professional Division

Serie C – First Semi-Professional Division

Eccellenza First Amateur League