Enrich your study abroad experience by attending our private soccer academy. If soccer is your passion, you have the opportunity to train and play soccer at a high level through our private academy located in Rome, a few steps away from the AUR.

The academy’s goal is to provide a professional soccer environment where you can keep growing as a player and as an individual led by our professional coaching staff. Both women and men teams practice 4 times per week plus a weekly game against other schools as part of our development league. We occasionally organize friendly games against pro and semi-pro Italian teams to ensure the best possible exposure to our students. Every player is monitored by our staff and by teams’ scouts looking for talents.

The SMI soccer academy gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent while in Italy and learn new aspects of the game. Italian soccer is known for its tactical and technical excellence, two fundamental areas to become a better player. With our program you have an entire season to improve as a player and express your talent to make it to the highest level.

The SMI soccer academy gives you the possibility to live an authentic and professional experience while surrounded by a spectacular scenery. Get the most out of this experience by learning from some of the best coaches of the Italian soccer school.